Twisted Cat Outdoors 2024 Rules

These rules have been established to encourage fairness, safety, conservation, and significant care for the fish caught. It is the goal of this event to move our sport forward as an example for all to follow.

These events may be recorded for possible video production and distribution.

Entries made and paid for are prohibited from being sold, bartered, or given away without the expressed written consent of a tournament official.

Twisted Cat Outdoors regular season events will be $300.00 with a 100% PAYBACK!

1.    ENTRY FEES/REFUNDS: Entry Fees may be refunded (minus any processing fees) or moved to another event up to (10) days prior to the event with a $25 fee. No transfer or refunds within (10) days of event. No exceptions! Twisted Cat Outdoors events are CAPPED AT 100 boats. There is a late entry of $325 cash and $340 online within 5 days of the tournament event day. 

2.   Boat check and launch will begin at 5:00AM at a designated location and will be announced prior to each event. Once your boat has been checked you are permitted to launch and proceed. You will not be allowed to fish until 7:00AM. (You will be allowed to throw a cast net for bait) 

3.    Tournament Hours will be 7:00AM - 3:00PM. Lines in the water @ 7:00AM. Lines out of the water @ 3:00PM. You must be in the weigh in line by 4:30PM. Some events might have different times depending on locations / Ramps.

4.   Each location will have a set ramp/ramps for launching boats and you must retrieve from the ramp you launched from.

5.    Six (6) rods maximum in use by the team unless state law is less but teams may have as many rods on board as needed.

6.   Teams are limited to a maximum of 3 persons.

7.   All children 18 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult.

8.   Life vests are encouraged to be worn while underway.

9.   Fish may only be caught by Rod and Reel method only.

10.  Any legal bait artificial or natural allowed by the state may be used.

11.  Good sportsmanship is expected of all individuals before, during and after the tournament event. 

12.  Any disorderly conduct will be reason alone for disqualification.

13.  Blue Cat, Channel Cat, or Flathead may be weighed.

14.   3 or 5 Catfish limit per team depending on event location. Length limits are determined by state law. All fish to be weighed in must be alive. If there are more than the event limit of Catfish in the live well, it will result in disqualification.

15.  No culling of fish once boat has been removed from the water.

16.  No snagging will be allowed

17.  No fouled hooked fish will be accepted (a fouled hook is any hook located behind the gill plate).

18.  No chumming.

19.  No fishing intentionally baited holes.

20.  All tournament boats must maintain 50 yards between each other while anchored and 50 feet while drifting or spot locked.  This includes all boats.

21.  Buddy fishing or sharing of information during tournament hours including techniques, baits, location, etc. is strictly prohibited.

22.  No fishing outside of the boat.

23.  No alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or illegal substances are allowed onboard or used during tournament hours.

24.  Due to possible inclement weather, all boat captains must decide for themselves and their fellow team members if it is safe to launch and proceed. Twisted Cat Outdoors will proceed with the event unless the director(s) along with 5 randomly selected team captains determine the conditions to be unsafe prior to the event. 

25.  A live well is REQUIRED. Live wells are recommended to be a minimum of 50 gallons. However, the tournament director has the final determination if the Live-well is adequate to care for the fish being caught. The tournament director will have the final call on all live wells and reserves the right to remove the team from the tournament if determined the live well is not sufficient to care for fish properly. Oxygen is RECOMMENDED!

26.  Liability insurance is the responsibility of boat owners. Proof of insurance must be with the boat being used and must cover all passengers in the boat.

27.  We encourage all fish handled at weigh-in be handled with a gripper and/or gloves. Larger fish are encouraged to be handled by 2 anglers.

28.  Dropping of fish at weigh-in is discouraged.

29.  Placing of ALL fish into the weigh totes must be completed with care. No throwing or mishandling will be tolerated.

30.  Twisted Cat Outdoors reserves the right to amend or change any rule for safety or any other reason we deem necessary.

31.  All fishermen are subject to a polygraph exam. Any angler who refuses is automatically disqualified. Failure to pass a polygraph exam will disqualify you.

32.  Ties will be decided by the team with the largest fish. If both teams largest fish was not documented, a coin flip will break the tie.

33.  All protest must be made in writing before the awards ceremony and must be in writing. We will not accept any protests thereafter.  

34.  Social Media live feeds are allowed and encouraged. However, caution must be used not to reveal too much relevant information when going live during the tournament hours.

35. All State and Federal rules must be observed. It is up the anglers to determine what license or licenses may be needed.


 By entering ANY Twisted Cat Outdoors event, I acknowledge that our team has read and understand the rules.  I also acknowledge that this is a voluntary event and I assume all risks associated with my voluntary participation in this event, including but not limited to injury, death, weather related incidents, boat traffic and river conditions. Acknowledging these risks, I myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, or anyone else who might file a claim on my behalf WAIVE, RELEASE, and DISCHARGE, Twisted Cat Outdoors LLC, Alex Nagy, and all sponsors, officials, workers, volunteers, representatives of ANY AND ALL claims or liability, whether foreseen or unforeseen, for death, personal injury or property damage arising from or throughout the course of my participation in this event.  I also grant full permission to the above listed sponsors, organizations and agents authorized by them to use any photographs, videos, recordings, or other record of the event for any reasonable purpose.